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Health and education are universal rights to all humankind and the bedrock on which any welfare state is based. Spain is a developed country and can be considered a welfare state, but even so, there are numerous vulnerable groups whose educational and health requirements are not being met.

This is why at FMLC we are set in promoting awareness and professional training courses regarding the grieving process and also provide therapeutic care to grievers who are experiencing difficulties. Furthermore, we finance Spanish researcher’s scientific work in the  fields of Oncological and neurodegenerative diseases; and, finally, we grant children and youngsters who are experiencing situations of social risk, professional training opportunities and education aimed at strengthening their values.



Improving education and employability

We help youngsters and adults at risk who require a second chance to finish their studies or rejoin the labour market.

Medical Research

Apoyamos la labor de los científicos españoles que desarrollan sus investigaciones en el ámbito de la Oncología y las enfermedades neurodegenerativas.