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Comprehensive education and cooking workshop in Alcobendas

In collaboration with the Norte Joven Association, we finance a scholarship programme directed at unemployed youth and adults who lack studies and are at risk of exclusion. This activity is aimed at improving their chances of accessing the labour market. The beneficiaries of the project receive professional training focused on the hospitality service industry, which also include internships at various companies. These actions are combined with classes designed to aid them in achieving the Secondary Education diploma. In so doing, they follow a programme that adapts the pace and timing of the lessons to the specific needs of each recipient.

Solidarity Catering

This learning activity is part of Norte Joven’s hospitality service students training programme. The students prepare 60 healthy-food menus that are distributed on a weekly basis among families who are currently going through adverse circumstances. The beneficiaries are selected by Spain’s Caritas Internationalis or by the Alcobendas Town Hall’s social services department, either because they lack resources or because they are experiencing a very challenging situation. Additionally, these families periodically receive formative sessions on the know-hows of healthy eating and on how to prepare nutritious meals by making the most of leftovers.