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Located in the northwestern area of Kenya, Turkana is a region that vastly contrasts the splendorous jungle scenery that defines the rest of the country. Consisting of six districts, of which North Turkana, where FMLC works comprises an area extending 20,000 square kilometres. It is characterised by its desertlike landscape, arid climate and a serious deficiency of basic infrastructures such as roads, hospitals or schools that could contribute to the economic development of the region. Along these lands lies Lake Turkana, which, despite its vastness, is unsuitable in supplying the population with drinking water due to its high alkaline levels.

The progress experienced in recent decades by the rest of the country has not reached this district’s community, whose inhabitants are mainly engaged in grazing, fishing and agriculture. Climate change, water resource scareness, changes produced by oil exploitation in the area and tribal conflicts have all gradually damaged the local economy and thus progressively impoverished its people, the majority of which originate from Nilo-Hamitic tribes.

In conjunction with our local counterpart, the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle (MCSPA), we are committed in working to establish basic health and educational  infrastructures that can contribute to improve the quality of life of the Turkana community, as well as to aid in promoting peace and dialogue between the different tribes inhabiting this area.