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Download our Children’s Grief Guide for free

The Let’s Talk About Grief, guide is now available on our website. This useful handbook aims to help parents, teachers and adults in general to solve doubts regarding childhood grief and find the best way to explain what death is to children, which is often a difficult topic to approach.

When a family loses a loved one, many parents are concerned about certain behaviours they see in their children . However, they are perfectly normal reactions for their age; meanwhile they may be overlooking other symptoms that do indicate that the child’s grief is becoming more complex. This guide, produced with the contribution of Parcesa, Parques de la Paz, aims to aid families address this situation

Written by Patricia Díaz Seoane, infant and youth psychologist and member of the FMLC team of experts, the guide is handed out, free of charge, during the lectures FMLC offers in schools, as part of our Let’s Talk About Grief project.This guidebook can also be downloaded from our website.

How to manage common and exceptional situations

This guide seeks to be a useful tool to help parents and teachers assist and accompany children’s grief. Thus, it offers concrete answers to the different situations that can arise within a family when a loved one dies, from the most common doubts (Can I take my son to the funeral parlour? How can I explain a cremation to them?), to the most complex scenarios (Should I tell them about a suicide? When should I seek therapeutic help?).

This handbook also includes a special section on how to assist people with intellectual disabilities who are experiencing grief. In addition, it offers a chapter designed to enable teachers to assist their students in schoolafter the loss of a loved one, a place where children spend many hours a day and where they can obtain critical support and aid them overcome grief.