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Changing lives in Malawi: Mary’s story

Through Mary’s moving story, we want to let you have a closer look at the humanitarian work that we carry out in this region of Malawi. Mary is one of the beneficiaries of our assistance programme for the elderly in Benga.

“Many years ago, my husband and I moved to Benga. We left our relatives behind and, seeking more fertile land, settled in the town of Mtambe. The years went by, we had eleven children, but only one survived, although unfortunately he has problems with alcohol and his visits are rare. Now we are old and weak, and we only have a small piece of land to farm. Thanks to the help of the Elderly Assistance project, the food and care we receive keep us strong and, since you gave us a new home, we no longer sleep on the wet floor.

Last November I was very ill for several days. With no money and no one to turn to, none of the traditional herbs I tried worked. All the people around me thought that I would not survive. My husband was heartbroken and cried when he saw that my condition was getting worse and that I seemed about to die. As we don’t have a telephone, or any modern means of communication, he asked a neighbour for help, and he walked miles and miles to let you know you that your friend, me, was dying.

You immediately sent a vehicle to take me to the hospital. My neighborus didn’t think it was worth it, as they considered me “incurable”, but you guys never gave up. You visited and cared for me during my hospitalisation. And, several days after I recovered, you personally took care of driving me home. That day, I thanked God for prolonging my life thanks to you, I wish that he blesses all those who support your great work.

As if that wasn’t enough, I asked you for a bag of fertiliser and you also gave me the money I needed to purchase it. As I slowly recovered, my husband and I tilled the land, used the compost, and grew corn. Today I am happy to tell you that we have managed to harvest 15 sacks of corn (750 kg) and we have decided to give you two of them and a chicken. You can use a part in your mission and the rest to save another life, as you did with mine. Were it not for your programme and your actions, I surely would not have survived and we would not have this harvest.

God bless you”.