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A sculpture for the Niño Jesús Children’s Hospital

Art doesn’t change anything, it changes you.

David Lynch

A motorcycle making a cartwheel at the Niño Jesús University Children’s Hospital. The mixture of colours and its delicate lines transport us to another scenario, one in which a block of wood comes to life and makes us feel the emotion of the motorcyclist, the wind on his face and his engine roaring.

For an instant, we cross the border of some imaginary doors and we see ourselves riding through a glowing path, the blue from the tires hauls us to the seashore, the green of his coat carries us to the mountains. Art becomes a spell that transforms our emotions and we let ourselves go.

This is how this voyage begins, a unique piece by Kiko Miyares that captivates viewers, filling those who contemplate it with amazement, astonishment and hope. The presence of this sculpture -which our entity recently bestowed the hospital- opens up a range of emotions, inspiring and challenging the senses of both the young patients and the healthcare professionals who work there.

This is what we yearn for: creating a magical feeling in those that come upon this piece. We wish that the shapes, tones and subtle beauty that radiates from this unique work of art, are capable of transmitting the energy it emanates, opening a window of light and hope to the children and professionals working in this health centre.